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Benefits Of Membership
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What The Bricklayers Union Has To Offer It’s Members and The Signatory Contractors
1. A Living Wage
    The BAC has negotiated a decent living wage for the members. This wage enables the members to provide for their families. (i.e. send their children to college, provide food, provide a decent place to live, not have to work two jobs to make ends meet, etc.)
2.Health Insurance
    The BAC works hard to ensure that the members and their families have a Health Insurance plan. These plans ensure that the members and their families have insurance to fall back on during their time of need.
3. Pension Plan
    There are pension plans in place to help the members and their families get by in the retirement years.
4. Safety & Healthy Job Sites
    The BAC offers Health and Safety Classes to all its members to ensure each of them work safely and productively. (Classes offered- OHSA 10, OSHA 30, First Aid & CPR to name a few)
5. Upgrade and New Product Training
    Upgrade classes are available for all members of BAC Local 4 IN/KY. There are new masonry materials coming on the market every day. The BAC stays on top of the new materials and will conduct job site training when necessary to enable masonry contractors and their employees to know the proper way to install the new materials and enable them to be productive when installing.
What The Bricklayers Union Has To Offer It’s Members and The Signatory Contractors
For more information or if you have any questions please call (812) 841-6724

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