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July News
Updated On: Feb 25, 2016


               Work in Local 4’s area has picked up somewhat in the last month. Most Chapters have seen an increase in man hours for the first 6 months compared to the same time frame last year. One chapter has seen about a 95% increase in hours compared to last year, while one of the biggest chapters has seen a decrease of 33% compared to last year. It looks like the work will be fairly good for 2015 if the rain ever quits. Jobs that should be going good right now are way behind schedule because of all the rain. Seems like if its not one thing that stops our jobs from going it’s another.

            Once again, I want to remind the membership that the Repeal of the Common Construction Wage that took effect July 1, 2015 in Indiana has not affected our work for now and of course the reason for that is that after a job bids it can be months before it starts. These jobs that we are working on now or will be working on in the near future still had to have the Common Wage set by the committee.  For those Jobs bidding after July 1st no wage is set and a non-union contractor can pay just minimum wage if they can find people to work for that wage. We will have to continue to monitor the future jobs and see how it will affect us going forward. Again, the Unions will not go away it just makes our jobs harder, but we are up to the challenge.

            The Market Recovery Program that the membership voted on and passed last Sept. has not been used by Local 4 IN/KY as of yet. Reason for that is the account is building in assets and it looks like there is a chance that it may start being used later this fall or early winter. Some say we should be using it right now, but the thought process is that if we let it build till later this year it can be utilized on jobs where the Common Wage used to be set. Plus we want to make sure that we have enough money in the account to target more than just one or two jobs. Also, the most important piece of this is that everyone understands the paperwork. Contractors, Union Field Reps and Union Stewards must understand and do paperwork in a timely manner or Market Recovery will not be offered or could in some cases be taken away if paper work is not done on time and all information filled in correctly on paperwork. Local 4 promised the membership that we would monitor this Market Recovery Fund, we would keep them informed of the income, expenses, location of Market Recovery jobs and successes that this fund provides and I have full intention of doing just that after all I do work for this membership without them there would be no fund.

            Local 4 wants to remind the Contractors that the Market Recovery plan that has been in place is still in place and can be utilized on jobs now if need be. Let me also remind contractors that if you want to be considered for the old Market Recovery that you MUST fill out the paperwork and work with the Field Rep in that chapter before sending it to me for approval if this process is not followed it WILL be denied.

            Local 4’s main office is in Anderson Indiana back a few years ago it had two full time staff people; I cut the staff from two (2) Office Personal to one (1) Office Manager. Again, this being done to balance the budget and there just wasn’t enough work for two full time people and with today’s technology one efficient person on most days would be able to continue to service the membership. Again, there is only one person in the office there will be days that she is entitled to take off or she maybe busy running errands or servicing another member so if you call the office and get the answering machine you MUST LEAVE A DETAILED MESSAGE. Try to make your message short and to the point, but make sure you leave a message with your return phone number. You WILL get a returned phone call at her earliest convenience. One thing I can assure you is that if you don’t leave a message you will not get a return phone call.

            So I said all that to say this, if you get a call from your Field Rep or a letter in the mail saying your behind and will be dropped on a certain day don’t what till the last minute to call in and pay your dues, that might just be a day where she is off work. Look on the back of your card, it says that you will be suspended when your two months behind and dropped at three months without notice. Local 4 IN/KY does not do either of these without notice. The Local either mails you a notice or in some cases calls you before your suspended or dropped. This is very time consuming and cost the Local money. Also, remember that if something would happen to you and your suspended or dropped some of your benefits may not be payable. 

            Local 4 IN/KY will continue to change and to do what is best for this membership and continue to serve this membership as a whole. I look at all of Local 4 IN/KY chapters and how will it affect the local as a whole, I just can’t look at one chapter and make decisions that effect all chapters. It doesn’t matter to me what chapter your from you’re a card carrying  member of Local 4 IN/KY and you deserve the same representation no matter if you’re a member from the south, north, east or west you’re a valuable member to Local 4 IN/KY one will not survive very long without the other.

            In closing I want to thank the membership all of this membership for allowing me to serve you in my position. I am humbled and honored and I do look forward to the future and will continue to do my very best to service you the membership.

Thank You

President Champ         


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